WhiteTV: Mind control and stolen tanks

Henning Witte, a German-Swedish lawyer and conspiracy theorist, held a very strange and unfocused lecture in 2015, link here (in Swedish). The theme of the lecture was the connection between mind control and the immigration wave, or crisis, in Europe in 2015. During the slog of a lecture Witte went on a number of different tangents.

At first I had the ambition to dissect the lecture point by point, but then I came across one of the strangest claims on the subject of conspiracies and immigration I ever heard. Reducing all the other offenses on fact during the lecture to side issues.

Half-way into the lecture Witte claims he received solid information from an unknown higher-up in Germany that not only 400 000 terrorists from ISIS were already in the country by 2015, but during a supposed refugee raid at a military camp the following was stolen:

  • Arms and gear belonging to or being equivalent to 7 airborne battalions in Frankfurt/Oder, close to the Polish border (whatever that means).
  • 23 Leopard tanks.
  • 2 armored transports.
  • 2 military multi-purpose transports.

This claim struck me as much more outlandish than even the already cooky claims of mind control, as it’s so specific – and backwards. Looking around online for claims of stolen Leopard tanks I find nothing. Nobody else seems to have shared or made this claim in the past, not even the alarmist radical alt-right groups who are otherwise quick to jump on the scaremongering train with little regard went there.

How are a bunch of refugees, or anyone, supposed to steal tanks equal to almost two tank battalions and get away with it – let alone without huge spectacle? Filling the blanks I imagine Witte to believe there’s a conspiracy within the German military to let these items get stolen for an upcoming Islamist military coup. But nothing adds up.

If the there were a plan for a Islamist military coup in Germany, with infiltrators tall up in the German chain of command, the time window between stolen military assets and the actual coup would have to be small – or immediate. To what end would an armed group hellbent on a coup have a sudden pause, hide their stolen tanks and aircraft, and risk being detected or having stolen assets decay through lack of maintenance? As a peripheral detail, a Leopard II tank has an operational range of 550km with its internal fuel tank of 1200 liters of diesel. To fuel up the supposedly stolen tanks again you’d need a total of 27 600 liters of diesel. There’s a reason tank units are followed by a huge logistical chain and used sparingly.

This just did not happen and I have no idea what makes Witte believe that it did. While he says the strangest things I do believe him to be genuine. His website is poorly constructed and doesn’t run any ads, so there’s little incentive for him to bait for money-generating attention.

On his website there are a few articles written in English if you dig around for them: http://www.whitetv.se/


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